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建业五栋大楼项目设计师徐东昕—《征服》The “Conquer” speech
















2012年5月26日、27日, 河南建业集团举办“建业二十年,感恩一亿人”大型专场答谢活动。在这两场规格颇高的答谢会上,中国新锐建筑师徐东昕(新浪微博:徐东昕Xudongxin)在国内首次使用以Augmented Reality(增强现实)和Natural User Interface(体感互动)的先进技术,在河南省建业集团20周年大型专场答谢会上的演讲《征服》,讲述了地标性建筑和写字楼设计的超前理念。 本次演讲中,建筑师使用的增强现实(Augmented Reality)和体感互动(Natural User Interface)技术属于新媒体艺术范畴。通过特殊的视频设备捕捉人的影像和肢体动作,输入程序进行分析,经计算触发程序中的命令,从而控制视频的变化。所以,我们看到了一个真实的演讲者,在虚拟的世界中操作视频的影响和变化,这个技术在中国的大型商业活动中属首次使用。

On the 26th&27th of May, 2012, the Henan Jianye Group organized “Jianye two decades, Thankful million peple” special appreciation event. At these two special conferences, Chinese cutting-edge architect Dongxin Xu used advanced technologies of Augmented Reality and the Natural User Interface first time in China, had a special thank speech “conquer” at the meeting of Henan Jianye Group 20th anniversary, the speech talked about the advanced concept of landmark office building design. At this speech, the architect used Augmented Reality and Natural User Interface technology, which classified as new media arts. By using special video equipment to capture images and body movements, input program to calculate and trigger commands in the program,  control the video changes. therefore we can see a real speaker in the operation of video effects and changes in the virtual world, this is the first time to use this technology in large-scale commercial activities in China.



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